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That's What
When you cry on my shoulder, I feel strong.
When I hold you for hours, I set a new record.
When I lead you, it empowers me,
And if one kiss could change our lives, I welcome change.
If you wanted to be more than friends, I'd be happy to oblige
If you said you loved me, I'd simply reply "I know."
When you long to feel me, know it's mutual
If I'm all you choose to see, know I'll show you more
If my hugs could stop time, we could embrace forever
And rose beds are always accepted
If you'd want to spend your life with me,
I'd be on cloud 9, and I'll take you there too
If this were all possible, I'd make it so.
Nothing else really compares to my time spent with you
If you said I was the one, I'd smile inside
But if I never knew, I continue to weep in silence
If I steal your breath away,
Know I'll keep it safe.
If I have your heart,
Know that I won't break it.
And if you ever need me,
Know it's because I need you too.
:iconfadingomen:FadingOmen 2 5
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RE: Canadian Seal Hunt (A Word from Sue Barnes)
The Summary says it all, but I'm going to type out what the letter said, and at the end I will share Sue Barnes' e-mail and further instructions.
"Dear Mr. Daniel
Thank you for your letter regarding seal hunting.  I appreciate you taking the time to inform me of your views.
Canada's seal population is healthy and abundant - the harp seal herd is estimated to be in excess of five million animals, nearly triple the population of the 1970s.  The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) sets responsible quotas designed to ensure the health and abundance of seal herds.
It is a time-honoured tradition and an important industry for people in Canada's costal communities, providing income to thousands of Canadians throughout the North, Atlantic Canada and Quebec.  Seals have been harvested for food, fuel, shelted and other materials for hundreds of years and the subsistence hunt is a valuable link to Canadian cultural heritage.  Through smart regulations,
:iconoutsidethelens:Outsidethelens 2 10
Golden Thoughts by Indecisive-Nobody Golden Thoughts :iconindecisive-nobody:Indecisive-Nobody 4 10 Empty Ally by hippos-are-phat Empty Ally :iconhippos-are-phat:hippos-are-phat 6 7
To Sit down in a Chair
If I was to sit down in a chair
In a large room for all to see and stare,
On a dark stage, with just one spotlight down on me
And myself exposed for the world to see.
What would my spectators say or do?
Would there be talk of morals and virtue?
Or would there be discussion of my face, of my eyes?
Would they begin to pose questions, and theorize?
If I were in the centre of a circle of faces
Surrounded by figures from all different places,
Isolated, locked away from everything I know
In a compact, little room, without even a window.
I wonder if they'd laugh, if they'd cry?
If they'd utter comments whereby
I was distraught, upset, and left alone,
Whereby the seeds of insecurity would be sewn.
If I was only an exhibit, behind steel bars bound
With giggles of spectators the only sound,
If I was hanging on a nail, a painting on a wall
Of  a large museum with walls that rose up tall.
Would I be noticed, stand out amongst the rest?
Or would I be forgotten, left in a state of unrest
:iconabstractportrait:abstractportrait 1 1
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Me :D
Hey, I'm Conor, 19 right now and am from Dublin. I take photos every so often in my spare time, but have been somewhat neglectful lately >___< (Read: The past year or so >_>)

Current Residence: Dublin, Ireland
Favourite genre of music: Hate picking one - loads of stuff! Indie, Ska, Folk Metal, Electro - loads of stuff.
Favourite style of art: Landscape Photography
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Ushiromiya Battler
Gonna keep this brief enough, not much really to say =P.

Well that's a relief. Finally done with exams which means I'll have a lot more time to do non school stuff! Horray :P. Guess I should get back taking photos, and I guess I have more time to be commenting on stuff on here and such. Its weird having so much free time, and its even weirder thinking school's done forever =P.



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I'll post some shit when I get round to making anything remotely interesting =3 Might put some photography up at some point anyway
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